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Web Applications

PHP Development

Open Source

All of our projects with PHP/MySQL are derived from OpenSource platform, to provide our customers a quick time-to-market, cost-effective, fully-functional and stable solutions.

The OpenSource platform we have been developing with are:

Moodle, including:

  • A training website for employees
  • A tool for children to improve their reading skill


  • Websites for Vietnamese organizations

.NET Development

Feedlots project

This is a Web-based system containing Human Resource, Accountant, “Individual Animal” Management, Forecasting, Feeding to grow up the animal, Data mining for the lab and so on all around the animal(cow) management to improve the quality and productivity of a Feedlot Company.

Most recent technical are being used such as .NET Framework 3.5 ( & C# 3.5), Sql Server 2005, SQL Reporting Service, NUnit Test FW, Infragistic 2008 components, JQuery and Java Applet.

Java Development

Tariff System project

The project is to build a tariff management system for EU Custom offices (Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Luxemburg…).

The system is divided into following sub-systems:

  • A front-end application for user to search/calculate for information about tariff.
  • A back-end application where system administrators manage items.
  • A web service application which exposes data for other system to get information.

It is on Jboss 6, Websphere 7, Web Logic, and Oracle 11 database with:

  • JSF and JBoss Seam 2.1
  • XML the data exchange (with Database and WebServices) and XSLT for XML conversion
  • Lucene for fulltext search
  • EJB 2