Feedlots management

Customer information:

  • This project is developed and deployed for customer in North America. This is one of our long-term projects and we are still working with this project.

Goal of the project:

  • Our clients want to build the system to manage, account and forecast in feedlot animal field. This is a Web-based system containing Human Resource, Accountant, “Individual Animal” management, Forecasting, Feeding to grow up the animal, Data mining for the lab and so on all around the animal(cow) management to improve the quality and productivity of a Feedlot Company.

Goal of the project:

  • Most recent technical are being used such as .NET Framework 4, Sql Server 2012, SQL Reporting Service, NUnit Test FW, Infragistic 2013 components, JQuery and Java Applet.
Feedlots management
Some reference project images
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