First day of the new year 2018 full of fun surprises

A great day and full of expectations for our first commute of New Year

After Lunar New Year – A traditional Vietnamese holiday, today is the first day to work in the new year. All SEA members are very excited, because as in previous years, this year everyone will receive lucky gift (lucky money on the new year) from our Big boss.

Why are we feel excited and full of expectations? Because everyone pick up their gift by themselves and lucky gift is difirerent.

This year, more innovative than other years, the number in the envelope of everyone is the same. However, everyone receives a lot of wishes. One is the good wishes of Our boss, one is the company’s wishes prepared by the Admin team, one is the wishes from the boss buy supporters envelope. This year, there are many happy wishes and good luck for the New Year!

In the spring air everywhere, all the members of SEA-Solutions together to raise wine cups wish a Happy new year, happiness and success!

Happy New Year 2018!