Presentation SQL Server 101 Workshop

As usual, SQL Server 101 workshop was held on the 2nd floor of SEA-Solutions office. This workshop was held on January 29, 2018.

The person who shared the knowledge of SQL today is Mr. Son Nguyen

The main content of the sharing workshop as below:

  • What is SQL? What can SQL do?
  • SQL Database basic components
  • Functions, Stored procedure, Trigger
  • SQL server functions
  • SQL server job
  • Cursor, Temporary Table and temporary variable
  • SEA’s Project database in deep

Participants in the workshop were project team members who needed in-depth knowledge of the project, as well as members who wanted to learn more about SQL server 101.

This is a very good activity, in addition to providing useful knowledge for everyone, also contribute to improve the teamwork spirit and promote the ability to actively learn from each individual.