Celebrate the 1st quarter birthday of SEA-Solutions - 2018

At SEA-Solutions, we always organize a small party to celebrate the members’s birthday.

Celebrating birthdays party every three months is a great way of SEA-Solutiions.

Each year we will hold four parties like this, for 1st quater, 2nd quater, 3rd quater and 4th quater. This is the most appropriate way to organize, not affect the work and also does not make everyone feel boring. It will also add to the overall joy of our company.

In 2018, we renewed the way we organize our members birthday
Monthly, to the birthday of someone, we will send a small gift to congratulate them. In addition, we also send them personal wishes to each one by email or Facebook.

And here is the video we recorded at the first birthday quarter party this year with the biggest members of the year!

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